March 15, 2006

flower frog

while we're discussing frogs, i want to share this little treasure i picked up for $14 at metropolitan deluxe in atlantic station. it's a cute enough vase, but it has this screw-on flower frog top. can you see it? kind of a meshy looking grid? wait until you see what it does for freshly cut flowers! it even makes carnations look gorgeous! i mean junior high school dances aside, when was the last time you saw a pretty carnation? i'm guessing never. anyway, i first spotted this vase at my mom's. she's great with cut flowers. she's tried tulips, roses and the newly beloved carnations (always all white) so far. the end product looks like a beautiful pompom of petals. i can't wait to try it out myself. i plan to go to costco this weekend to pick out some flowers. i'll be sure to post as soon as i have them arranged.

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