March 6, 2006

i'm famous!

well, my couch is at least! today, my living room was featured on design*sponge (my very favorite!) in the new d*s reader rec feature. *yay!* you see, i'm torn as to what to put over the couch. mirror? steel picture ledges a la the stanton social? one large, statement piece? design*sponge posted my problem and her readers responded with some really fabulous ideas! take a look ...

thank you design*sponge. snap! snap! snap!

1 comment:

overactive-imagination said...

Since this is YOUR space. I suggest you get a paint color just darker than what the original paint color already is. Paint some large geometrical designs and then hang either the large mirror or the steel over it. Would look fab! You are doing an awesome job. Not that you need me to tell you that but I have done room design (for pay) in the past.