March 19, 2006

i'm an optimist ...

last fall, i found this card at the paper parlour across the street. because ed drinks out of the toilet, this card is funny to me. now ed didn't always have this disgusting habit ... but in the days following september 11th, i had to leave the toilet seat up during the day. at the time, i was working for the interactive division of the washington post in washington dc. not knowing if i'd be able to make it home had me really worried for eddie's sake. every morning i would fill up two huge water bowls for him and i'd leave the toilet seat up thinking if he really had to, he'd drink from it. well, turns out ed prefers toilet water. ick. the bowls would be left untouched and the toilet would be bone dry. go figure.

anyway, back to the card ... i finally had it framed at my favorite art store sam flax last weekend. just yesterday, i hung it over the toilet in the guest bathroom. it's perfect.

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