March 24, 2006

jockeys and jillys®

only 42 days until our 2nd annual kentucky derby party! saturday, may 6. the big race starts at 6, but we'll be starting early, say 3ish. invitations will be sent, but please mark your calendars! and remember, tacky hats are required.

over the next few weeks, i'm sure i'll be posting lots of great horsey stuff. stay tuned! (this picture was snapped by yours truly at my dear friend mackenzie's sixth birthday party!)


holly said...

may 6 is also jenny's birthday, so we'll be sure to sing and eat cake!

Joe Wagner said...

Love the cow? Horse? It's delicious whatever it is.

holly said...

thanks! it's a horse, of course!

Jenny said...

Yey for cake and singing...i'm excited to wear a tiara!

PS... it's been my dream for quite some time to wear a tiara on my birthday... i tried to talk my roommates into having a tiara themed party last year but they said no boys would come to that... so this will be a dream come true!