March 11, 2006

lamp post

ok. so the lamp on the left was an anniversary gift from my mom and dad. it was originally suppposed to be a wedding present. in fact, we unwrapped a *picture* of the lamp at our engagement party because it was on back order and didn't arrive in time. long story short, that lamp was on back order for so long that spiegel regrettably and apologetically had to cancel my mom's order. we were so sad! a few months later, the lamp reappeared in the spiegel catalog and my mom ordered it right away. it came just in time for our first anniversary. lucky me! the lamp now lives in our bedroom. it's adorable and i'd never seen anything like it. until ... we *found* the lamp on the right. in the trash. how crazy is that? now, don't get me wrong. we didn't go dumpster diving or anything like that. we just took our trash down the hall to the trash chute and there it was, just sitting there. what are the chances? i mean, it's not exactly your typical lamp! anyway, the original shade was awful (i probably would have thrown it away, too). but thanks to an early easter present from my mom, it's now the perfect shade of fabulous!

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