March 26, 2006

tea for who?

i'm participating in a fantastic teacup swap that i read about on design*sponge. i've never done anything like this before! *so fun!* this whole idea makes me think of my lovely friend kate gibbs in washington dc. i don't know why, but it does. miss you kate! anyway, the deadline to enter this swap was friday and this morning i received the name and address of the person i'll be sending the teacup to. i must keep this name a secret. it's all so very exciting! all day today my mom and i went from store to store trying to find the perfect teacup to send. we didn't end up coming home with the teacup today, but we did see some interesting ones. this one from paper affair was my favorite! i love the idea of a lid to keep the tea hot and i really love the idea of a lid with a hole in it for the teabag string to dangle through, especially if the string is capped off by a cute little tea leaf!

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