March 19, 2006

a touch of sparkle

during the holidays, i stumbled upon the coolest use of mirrored garland at west elm. two six-foot strands linked together and multiplied by, oh say 10, created a gorgeous cascade of sparkle from ceiling to floor. i adored the look, but didn't love the price. at $14.95 per strand, to do even a small area would cost a bloody fortune! so, i decided to try my luck on ebay. i found a mosaic tile dealer that was selling 1/2" mirrored tiles. i bid on a box of 300. and i won! $12 and and a few days later, i had the mirrors in hand. i purchased some fishing line from dick's sporting goods and within two hours i had my mirrored masterpiece! don't you just love a bargain? especially a pretty one?

originally i intended to take these down after the holidays, but i got so many compliments i decided to keep them up. they add a little shimmer to my mornings and make a perfect backdrop to my new tapered floor lamp and upholstered cube (both from west elm). take a look!


1 comment:

emma said...

I love this :) would love to do this as a backdrop behind my bridal party table.. did u just glue the fishing line to the tiles?
Would love to know any tips :)