March 3, 2006


one year ago this month, my husband, tripper, and i purchased our first home. *yay!* it's a fantastic 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo high in the sky of buckhead, an atlanta, georgia neighborhood. to celebrate, we went a little crazy. we actually hung something on the wall. *gasp!* it may seem odd that it took us almost a full year to do this, but hammering into a wall you actually own is a very scary ordeal! anyway, it was well worth the wait. the cabinet we hung is fabulous. (thanks for your help, dad!) we found it at restoration hardware near perimeter mall and we couldn't be happier! we bought a few bee hand towels ($12 each) to live inside, along with some lovely french soaps from basic french online ($3 each). the finishing touch? a shaving brush ($38 as part of a starter kit) from lenox mall's the art of shaving.

we've actually done a lot to our place in the past year that i can't wait to share. we also have a long way to go. stay tuned!

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