April 7, 2006

ed was here

whenever tripper travels, ed makes himself right at home on tripper's side of the bed. without fail. i always thought he slept through the night there because he's snoring next to me when i fall asleep, and he's still in bed when i wake up. last night, though, he must have been busy. apparently, he got the itch to redecorate. his source? the tennis bag i left on the floor ...


and this, my favorite ...


one simple statement. love it! doesn't it look so deliberate? i think i'll leave that one there.


decor8 said...

From one Holly to another, nice blog! :)


holly said...

holly, i'm so happy you like it! i just took a peak at your fantastic blog (love today's entry about the sappy cards!!) and i'm thrilled that all my favorite stores in atlanta made *your* list of favorites, too! i haven't been to a few of the shops you listed, so i'll definitely check them out. thanks so much for visiting me! please come back soon!

DesignGal said...

I love your dog he is adorable...he looks very sweet.