April 25, 2006

how lovely!

for the past few days, my mom and dad have been going on and on about their new little neighbor. tonight, my dad sent this. isn't she lovely? this little tweet-heart moved into the portico outside the front door just about a week ago. i wonder if she's sitting on her eggs. such a good little mom! i just love birds nests. amazing.



janine (holly's work bud) said...

How wonderful! I think that she is either a House Wren or a sparrow. It's hard to tell from the angle. If it's a House Wren she will probably have two tiny blue eggs.
We got to watch a mama and daddy raise thier babies and teach them to fly. The daddy bird is the pretty one the mama is the brown one.

Now we have a cat that lives on our porch so no more birdie babes for us!

When you here the peeps take more pics!

Joe Wagner said...

I want one! Fat birdy!

The Nordic Bedouin said...

How cute! What a great sight to see every time one steps out of the house!