April 27, 2006


tonight, tripper and i take off for a long weekend in new york! i am so excited! i'm packing up the computer and definitely taking the camera, so check in this weekend for lots of *fieldtrip: new york city* posts. hooray!

ps ... i'd love to know of any "must-see" shops/restaurants in the city. please leave comments and and i'll be sure to check them out! thanks muchly!


Anonymous said...

Go to Il Vagabondo restaurant, Upper East Side, 351 E. 62nd Street.. bocce ball courts and great Italian food! I told my best friend to go there b/c the bartenders were awesome. She thought I meant "hot" and called to tell me how disappointed she was to find out they were all over the age of 65!

Brit Brit said...

Oh...there are too many places that are just beyond fabulous in New York, but one of my favorite little places is called Tiramisu, on 82nd and 2nd I believe,Med/Italian restaurant...let's see...there's Serendipity on 60th between 2nd and 3rd...lovely little place and fabulous desserts! Also...if you're in the mood for unbelievable Italian...Montebello Ristorante Italiano...on 56th..very romantic! Oh, if you want a great burger try P.J. Clarkes on 55th and 3rd. It's a hole in the wall and I've seen Mariah Carey, Johnny Depp, and Bill Murray there! And of course you can't go wrong with Smith and Wollensky on 50thish? and 3rd. Give New York and big hug and kiss for me...and even if it's only for a minute or two...sit on a stoop, smoke a cigarrette and ponder the complexity of your life...in other words...pretend you're Carrie! Have fun!