April 24, 2006

salt + pepper = true love

this set of slightly banged up salt and pepper shakers holds a very special place in my heart. they are from a wonderful restaurant in dc called lauriol plaza. they are *the very set* off the table where tripper proposed. i love having a memento from that special day that we actually use! oh, and in case you were wondering how we got them? they were a gift from my dear friend kate. thanks, gibbler!


lucas miré said...

you got engaged at lauriol plaza????????????????????? the best margs on the planet. I love that place. Tripper's smart to take you there on the special night!

holly said...

we did! we were almost regulars at lauriol plaza. we ate {and drank} there all the time. tripper actually toyed with the idea of going somewhere else that night but thought i'd catch on. you can actually see the table where it happened on their website. it's the tiny table on the far left of the far left picture on this page ... http://www.lauriolplaza.com/