April 20, 2006

storm troopers

i always can tell when a big storm is approaching. i know, i know. i do work at the weather channel, but besides that, a couple of things happen that totally tip me off. the first is that the city takes on a sort of black and white feel. it's quiet, beautiful. this is the view from my balcony moments before the rains came tonight.

the second big tip-off is that ed freaks out. he tries to cram his huge body into the smallest of spaces ... in my lap, behind a chair, under a shoe. my favorite is when he shuts himself in the bathroom. he walks in and then closes the door behind him. i've been curious as to what he does in there, so tonight i snuck the camera in.

{oh buddy!}
it broke my heart to see him just standing there scared and staring at the door. so now i'm in the bathroom, too. we are blogging together, waiting for the storm to pass.

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