May 2, 2006

decor8 interview

i'm delighted to tell you that holly's plate is currently the featured design blog on decor8! how fabulous! decor8 editor and publisher, holly becker of boston, recently caught up with me to discuss blogging, design and a few of my favorite things. check out my {first-ever} interview in it's entirety on decor8. thanks, holly!


Elaine said...

Weird! I thought this site was Holly of Decor8's other secret site, b/c of this post...............Ok, I get it now. Nice site.

Joe Wagner said...

Great interview! Yer rockin' it, sistah!

Sara said...

That's how I found your site. The notecards you picked to swap are indeed lovely (pictured in a previous post). And the political campaign mugs are intriguing.