May 10, 2006


ok, so i started reading this fantastic book by kathleen tessaro called elegance. in the book, the main character (a somewhat frumpy woman) discovers a book, also titled elegance, which was written in 1964 and is said to be *the* book on style. each chapter is labeled by a different letter of the alphabet ... a: accessories, b: beauty ... y: you get the idea ... and begins with a tip from the original book from the '60s. the fabulous tips are for the most part still relevant and right on target with my attempt at a well-designed life. i thought it might be fun to pepper them throughout the blog ... here is tip #1:

{from 'elegance' by kathleen tessaro, p. 22}
" ... a modest dress or suit can triple its face value when worn with an elegant hat, bag, gloves, and shoes, while a designer's original can lose much of its prestige if its accessories have been carelessly selected ... "

well put!


holly said...

thanks for the reading recommendation, jenny. it's wonderful!

the shrewness said...

ooh! great quote!

i think ill get that book the next time at a bookstore.


Jenny said...

Yey! It's a fantastic book. Everyone will enjoy!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

HI! love the photo of the book. may i use it in my blog,? i have a post (Elegance) on this book , your photo is the best one i have seen so far. :)