May 23, 2006

a little pencil box

i *adore* this box. it was a gift (thank you, lori!) and i love it so, so much. it's hand-painted and decorated with artwork from ian nicholas. the outside is precious, so colorful and beautifully done. inside is a surprise ... the rules of hopscotch! it's perfect for holding pencils (or chalk), but also treasured little trinkets of any kind.

ps ... the quote on the front says, "what we remember from childhood ... we remember forever." lovely.

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

Holly! I received your package today! You are the sweetest! I was so floored by your kindness! I know you recently came up to NYC and Im not sure when youll do it again but if you do anytime in the future please let me know and maybe we can met up. Or maybe if I get lucky I can travel down to Georgia and see all the lovely things you have all over your page! But thank you so much for the kindess! You didnt have to and it made my day! Youre so sweet! Also I love that beautiful box (lucky you!) and happy birthday to Ed!