May 21, 2006

surprise mystery craft challenge

so, i've become addicted to swaps. first i did the teacup swap, then i did the notecard swap. and now, well, now i'm doing the surprise mystery craft challenge swap. this time though, i've recruited friends! this afternoon, jenny and cristi came over and we all created our craft. in a nutshell, we had to create a single craft (anything we wanted) using all of the following items ...

1. the color pink
2. corrugated cardboard
3. a trinket or charm
4. ribbon
5. a printed fabric
6. glitter
7. a paper clip or staple
8. a coin or key
9. a flower
10. a page from a book

i had to send mine overseas, so i wanted to go for light (as in weight). i took inspiration from something i saw in theblackapple's etsy shop. i figured i could make something *close* to that cute with my own art ... and voila! ... you see it above. cute, yes?

jenny and cristi both were assigned state-side partners {luckies!}, so they were a little more adventurous. jenny created this precious piece ...

it's a recipe book and it's totally, well, yummy! she even decorated more than just the cover. the paper clips were cleverly used to mark off sections and hold the cutest little title cards.

cristi created this adorable birdhouse! i love the corrugated roof. it's perfect. and the little handbag fabric is so sweet any bird would be lucky to call this home.

we had such fun making these crafts ... the best part being spending a sunday with friends. thanks, girls!


Ketutar said...

Oh, wow! I'm so in a wrong class :-D I'd be happy to get any of these!

Marie said...

Thankyou so so much. It is gorgeous, and looks wonderful in my kitchen . Its nice to hear of crafters getting together! Makes it even more fun I think.
Thankyou again.

Erna said...

Wow! Great job, girls! Getting together to make your stuff - what a good idea. I'll have to nag my friends to do the same. Problem is, they are neither computer-literate nor on line, so getting them to join swap-bot will be quite a challenge. In fact, my friends just shake their heads at me... they think my swapping-fever is crazy.