June 14, 2006


tuesday's color week theme was brown. this is douglas bearbanks. i've had him since i was a little girl. tripper was kind enough to let him live in our bedroom, so he sits atop my dresser. douglas is a north american bear company bear. his story is here.

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Erin T said...

Well Hello Mr. Douglas Bearbanks, pleasure to meet you! And hello to Holly too! I'm a fellow Atlantan and I clicked over to your blog from Holly Becker's decor8 site. I live in West Midtown very near Terra Cottage. I haven't checked it out yet but after reading your blog I'll have to go have a look. I've been in the nearby store Bungalow Classic many times, it's fabulous.
Next time you go to Terra Cottage you should eat at West Egg Cafe, if you haven't already. Everything on the menu is delicious and the Coca-Cola cupcakes are my hands-down favorite cupcake of all time (and this is coming from a girl who's had a lot of cupcakes!)
Great blog - I'll definitely be back!