June 29, 2006


my desk chair. isn't it cute? it's one of the $19 dollar jobs from ikea, which i painted blue. as much as i love it, it's just not working out for me anymore. it was great when i wasn't using it as a chair. but now that i have to sit in it all day, well let's just say places i didn't know i had are starting to hurt. the good news is, i get to go shopping!

now i've always subscribed to the theory that a woman's bottom will expand to the size of her desk chair, so i'm looking for something on the smaller side, comfortable, functional and definitely fashionable. ideas?


atelier455 said...

Basic Ikea pieces look great painted in bright colours don't they - I have one of their very cheap and simple dining room tables painted in bright yellow, and I love it. My dining room chairs - which multi-task as my office chairs - are also brightly-coloured. They're from Purves and Purves (you can see them here - although the image isn't that great). Mine are in fuchsia and I find them very comfortable - they're made from polypropylene so have a nice degree of flexibility.

holly said...

excellent! i will check them out now. me (and my bum) thank you so much!!

kate said...

I think a cushion may be in order for you!
Not cheap, but I covet this chair from Crate & Barrel, which I think could be used in the office?
This one might be fun too (another repurposed dining room chair) and the leather would probably have some give:
Or this one, more moderately priced, yet still very cute!

Ooh... this makes me want to go chair shopping. Dangerous!

The Nordic Bedouin said...

Very cute chair! I love the colour you painted it in! If you're sitting long hours in front of your computer/desk I would suggest getting an ergonomically good stool. I just tried one out the other day. It was soft to sit on and could shift in all directions which is great for your back and also keeps your core muscles active.

I sometimes sit on a large Pilates ball which immediately improves my posture and feels good (except it's a bit too low for my office).

Elsa said...

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