June 7, 2006

cute as a button

these button flowers are fantastic! i spotted them over at kiddley, a blog i found through atelier455, which is the featured blog of the week over at decor8. got that?

anyway, kiddley is a wonderful find ... brimming with gorgeous illustrations by chief editor claire robertson (of loobylu.com) and many, many crafting ideas for parents and kids. there is a full rundown on how to make these adorable flowers, which i can't wait to try!

image from mary eingelbreit's home companion via kiddley.


atelier455 said...

Kiddley's great, isn't it - I read it even though I don't have any children! This button bouquet is a lovely idea.

holly said...

kiddley is great! i don't have any children either, but i'm sure i'll check out that site a lot! your site is fabulous, too! i love that display of vintage clocks you have. isn't it great being blog of the week on decor8?

Anonymous said...

your blog is very inspiring! thanks for sharing your love for life's aesthetics. i'm looking forward to joining the polka dot swap :) lani