June 18, 2006

my desktop

this is where i whistle while i work. it's finally coming together. making a home office that is functional ... but still cute ... is quite the challenge. i am a mac user, but for the publishing part of my new job i have to use a pc. long story short, there are so many wires! i've thought up a pretty clever way to hide them if i do say so myself. last year, i won this fantastic diane millsap painting on ebay. (i'd like to step into that painting sometimes!) i pulled all the wires over to one side of the desk and propped up the painting on the floor right in front of them. voila! you can no longer see any of that tangled mess.



caroline said...

i am so envious of your workspace, holly! it looks like it's coming together quite well!

lucas miré said...

Hi honey, Let me just say we miss the hell out of you at your former place of employment. But thank the goddesses for your blog!

Meanwhile, this post of yours struck a "cord" with me, as I am struggling with the same issue. I came across this juicy link at apt. therapy a while back and it offers some elegant / unique solutions to this wiry problem.

If you choose one of these, please share! I haven't chosen yet and would love your input.

Yours in music and design,

lucas miré said...

It *might* help if I posted the link, eh?




Miss Beaux said...

Love, love, love it when people say they 'won things on ebay!'

I was at Gucci the other day and I won a brand new handbag. I'm so lucky. :)

Anonymous said...

Who's the blade in the moped helmet with you in the picture? Handsome devil.

- From some guy who's not Tripper. Honest. Seriously. Really ... not me ... I mean Tripper at all.