July 16, 2006

musical chairs

stop the music and hold on to your seat ... the search for the perfect desk chair ended today with a trip out to the crate & barrel in alpharetta. they had *in stock* this lovely leather and steel parallel desk chair. i didn't have to order it, i didn't have to wait, and the price was right. they put it in my car and i drove it home. it looks and feels great. let's hope my back agrees after a good solid day of work tomorrow.


kate said...

great chair, holly! let us know how it works out.

also- who makes your desk? it's perfect! i've been on the hunt for a new desk and i love the look of yours.

holly said...

my desk is actually a farmhouse kitchen table from manorism. here's a link!

Miss Beaux said...

Hi Holly -

Where's the pillow in the corner from? I love the birds.

holly said...

the pillow in the corner is from anthropologie. i got it for a steal at $29! snaps!

tripperpalooza said...

who's the stallion in the picture. good looking guy.