July 31, 2006

pièce de résistance

i mentioned a while back that my parents are moving. their new house will not be ready until february-ish, but my mum and i thought we'd start planning out some of the design details now. *such fun!* we stumbled upon this amazing siena dresser from williams-sonoma home and both fell in love. we're thinking a piece like this could be the showpiece, the one that everything else is planned around. ebony + honey = endless possibilities! trouble is, at $3,800 and some change, it's a little pricey. any suggestions out there where we could find something similar? would something painted look as good? would it be a difficult d.i.y. project?


Urban Docent said...

Ikea might have a unfinished item you could paint. There used to be a large unfinished place in downtown Lawrenceville that would be a good place to look. And, keep an eye on your mail for that AJC extra thing that comes for free every so often -- there is a place south of the airport that sells used office and hotel stuff super cheap (so I'm told). Best of luck

holly said...

that's a wonderful idea! i remember a quite remarkable piece design*sponge created that started out as a nothing-special unfinished jobby from ikea. and if it doesn't end up working out, well, at least we won't have broken the bank! thanks!

lmm7@calvin.edu said...

I think that if you were to do this your self it might be cheaper to look at a local salvation army. If you were able to sand it down and then tape off and then stain the particular areas the different colors this could work. then varnish with a clear poly finish, you would have to put about 7 coats on i think this would look really nice.