August 14, 2006


my mum gave me the best present ever! it's a vintage handbag from 1967 that she carried on her honeymoon to niagra falls! how fantastic is that?!? i love the shape and structure ... it's so classic. and it still looks brand new! i'll take great care of it, mum. i promise! thank you so much. i love it!


Funky Finds said...

beautiful handbag! and pooch :)

katie said...

that hangbag is fantastic!!! what an awesome gift. your mom is awesome!

decor8 said...

Oh that's so nice. I can totally see Kate Spade picking up that bag and swinging it around the streets of New York, or Audrey Hepburn, Princess Caroline, Lady Diana, and of course, Atlanta's IT girl - HOLLY!


Beth said...

SO adorable (and the bag is REALLY nice too :-)