August 1, 2006

sofa slump?

our sofa has been wearing the same "outfit" for more than a year now. i think it's time for a change. i still adore the two thomas paul pillows, so i'm not ready to retire them just yet, but that pillow in the middle i think could use a break. i want to go for something a bit, well, a bit more. maybe a bolder color? a pop of vivid blue or a punch of perfect green could just do the trick.


Erin T said...

What is in the middle of your current center pillow?
I have a serious pillow addiction and swap mine out all the time.
This one by Inhabit might work - it is mostly green but picks up the colors from your Thomas Paul pillows. I think the rectangle shape would be nice and offer a little variety -

I like the blue/brown/white patterned fabric too -

holly said...

there's a big letter "a" in the middle of that pillow. (our last name is allen.) i'll check out your suggestions now. thanks!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

And my reaction when I first saw the photo was "great A pillow!". Maybe you could find something with brown and black and fawn to tie them all together?

erin t said...

Now that I know what it is, I have to agree with the Sherpa (from Canberra!) and say the "A" monogram pillow is pretty cool.
I was browsing for pillows for myself last evening and had another idea. You could get 2 new 17" pillows and put them on either side of the couch, then put the "A" pillow next to one of those and a solid linen/velvet pillow in a pretty color on the other side. I saw some pretty velvet ones on the West Elm site when I got an e-mail from them yesterday. They have some nice new pieces for Fall.
If you want a crazy number of options to play around with, click on my name for a link.

decor8 said...

oh all i can say is JUST ADD ORANGE!

holly said...

i love orange!