August 6, 2006

table talk

these ink blot plates, designed by kathleen walsh for walteria living and available at unica home, are inspired by a 19th century parlor game called blotto (pre-rorschach). just think of the dinner conversation to be had with these on your table! so, what do you see? here's what's written around the rim of each plate ...
  1. "1% - an outlaw biker rides alone, his destiny remains uncertain" (i saw a man on a motorcycle)
  2. "compassion among species - 2 altruistic butterflies fly 2 injured field mice to safety" (i saw two bees)
  3. "dueling roosters - 2 roosters engage in staring competition, there will be only 1 winner" (i saw a court jester)
  4. "an unlikely event - 1 winged porcine creature stands poised at the edge of a reflective pool" (i saw a winged pig!)
image from unica home.

1 comment:

Abby said...

I saw a man on a motorcycle, two fairies, a court jester, and a bat. I guess we think sort of alike :). Love your blog, btw!