September 11, 2006

baby shower

boo. i'm very disappointed in myself. this weekend, tripper and i attended a blow-out baby shower for our friends susan and jeff. i had so much fun putting the package together and then completely forgot to take a picture! *gasp* anyway, i will try to describe for you what was in it. please use your imagination ...

the main piece was this adorable critter stroller blanket from pottery barn kids. (it's not on their site for some reason, but i did find a picture of it on ebay.) susan's theme is black, white and pink, so i removed the cream colored ribbon and replaced it with a fantastic, thick black one. then i placed the blanket in a hot pink mini tote from elegant baby. i embellished the tote with one black ribbon bow at the bottom right handle just to make it even cuter. i also found four of the cutest black, white and pink onesies from little me, which i rolled up and secured with a thin pink ribbon. finally, i found the cutest white flopsie dog. i chose a hot pink satin ribbon to tie around his neck. for the wrapping, i just did white with hot pink and orange ribbons. in the ribbon, i tied a very cute toddler's fork and spoon set from pottery barn kids that had hot pink handles. cute!

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