September 6, 2006


i love everything about this charles rennie mackintosh card from pomegranate communications ... the look, the feel, the subject. from left to right, adapted from chair with oval back rail from the argyle street tea rooms, glasgow, 1897; ladder-back chair from the hill house, helensburgh, 1903; and high-backed chair from the ingram street tea rooms, glasgow, 1900. beautiful.


kstyle said...

Hi Holly,
I love the card. So clean and classic. Want you to know that your blog inspired me to start my own. Just the right mix between design and personal. And I love "ed". Thanks so much. Karen

holly said...

oh, thanks! that makes me very happy indeed. i will pay a visit to kstyle now!

susan said...

these are so beautiful... i used to travel four times a year to glasgow each year and loved going to the rennie mac house. beautiful!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Being an advocate of all things CRM-MMM, I take the liberty of issuing a link to miniature CRM chairs here.

I have not purchased any of these myself yet, but I may engage the company to produce some brass frets for CRM light fittings I have in mind.