September 21, 2006


it has come to my attention that we need a rug for the living room. there's only one problem ... see above. i'm wondering what kind of options are out there that will stand up to a big, drooling dog? i'll be scouring the web and the shops the next few days in hopes of finding the perfect floor cover. fun!


Jenny said...

I love him! And he makes a wonderful rug...he even sings!

kstyle said...

I'll take him and then problem solved. k

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at a copy of the book Animal House Style and they talk about animal-friendly fabrics and rugs. Apparantly sea grass rugs are good because the dog hair doesn't stick to it very well. Same goes for ultrasuede for upholstery fabric.

Anonymous said...

This is such an adorable picture. I love your blog. :)

Erin T said...

What a cute face!
I have to agree with the anonymous poster above about the ultrasuede. We have an ultrasuede couch and my dog's hair (miniature greyhound) doesn't stick to it.
I also second the sea grass idea. We used to have a garden-level apartment with wall-to-wall sisal. Once during a storm the apartment was partially flooded and the sisal held up remarkably well. If it still looked good after buckets of rainwater I'm certain it can hold up to a little bit of retriever drool :)
In addition, sisal rugs are reasonably priced and can add some really nice texture to your space. I just checked out Crate & Barrel's site and they had quite a few attractive sisal options in neutrals and a few colors including a light aqua that picks up the colors in your Erte print and the pillow on your armless side chair.