September 29, 2006


ok, not really. ballet flats ... but i was trying to be funny. i don't usually post about shoes, but these were a) very cute and b) photographed with baguettes! if this were a print for sale, i'd buy it for my closet. or kitchen! ballet flats by french sole fs/ny. yum!

image from french sole fs/ny.


Funky Finds said...

these are all adorable!

kstyle said...

too fun, k

Jenny said...

Le scarpe e molta bella. Vorrei loro ora! Mi piache le scarpe e tu!

Your homework bella: figure out what i said!

holly said...

here's my guess ... the shoes are very pretty. i want some now! i love the shoes and you?

and now one for you ... quando รจ il brie ed il baguette giorno?

Jenny said...

Perfecto Bella! Sono molto orgoglioso!

Come sabato prossimo per il brie al baguette giorno?

Che cosa sei fascendo domenica? Voglio otteniere capuccini con Kate e tu!

holly said...

um. scratching my head.