September 13, 2006

lovely little something

these adorable barrettes are hand-made by hawaiian-born, san francisco-based talent mara greenaway for her label, little something. *precious!* to see a little something more, check out her site. you'll find everything from flowers to cupcakes to the days of the week in styles for adults and kids. bad hair days be gone!

images from little something.


holly said...

ps ... mara spent three years as a display coordinator at
anthropologie. how fantastic is that?!? i'd love to know what that was like.

Anonymous said...

Holly -- Still love to keep up with your blog everyday. We miss you here!

On the subject of cute things for little girls, I found a wonderful web site where you can pick ribbon colors to have bows handmade at very reasonable prices: Every bow is perfection. Great business idea from a stay-at-home mom in Miami.

-- Laurel

holly said...

thanks, laurel!! i hope all is well. i will check out that site now ... i love bows!