October 24, 2006

the thrill of the hunt

i first saw the work of wendy martin earlier this summer, but at the time i did not know it was her. tripper and i were at a party and the hosts had an amazing painting hanging in their living room. they didn't know who had created it, only that they had purchased it from a former scad student.

so, i started my hunt. i went to the scad store in buckhead, which is pretty fantastic by the way, and tried to describe the painting i had seen. a few days later, i got a call with two possible names and a web address. i immediately went to check it out. as soon as i clicked on wendy martin, i knew it was her ... the composition, the colors. it was definitely her. hooray! unfortunately, there was no contact information. deflated, i did a fully exhaustive google search for wendy. no luck. i called back scad and they gave me a name of a gallery, the red gallery, in savannah that may be able to help. i talked to the lovely clare there and she told me she would investigate. a few days later she called me back. she had contacted wendy! a week later she sent some samples of wendy's pieces and i fell in love with the one above. oh i wish you could see her work in person ... so glossy and thick. true talent! anyway, the piece was already sold. *sad*

but, it turns out wendy is working on a whole series of new paintings and should have something to show in about a month (which is great because i definitely have to save up). i can't wait to see how this turns out! thank you so much to the two girls at the scad shop as well as clare at the red gallery. i'm so excited!

image © wendy martin, courtesy the red gallery in savannah, ga.


Galler|b said...

Me likey.

Sheri Burhoe said...

Wonderful work ! I can see why you were excited to find her.

susan said...

her work is so exciting. nice to find your blog again!