November 2, 2006

bye, bye bombay

something happened the other day that has never happened before. i caught up on the laundry. every single thing we owned, with the exception of the tennis clothes we had on our backs, was clean. yay, right? wrong. i had no place to put it all. after staring at the stacks of neatly folded shirts piled up on the dryer, i came to the realization that we needed a bigger dresser. i am going to have to part with one of my favorite pieces, my beloved bombay chest.

i bought this piece for my very first apartment sans roommates in washington dc. i loved it so much at the home depot expo showroom, i bought it right off the floor. (plus it was cheaper that way.) i finally felt as though i'd made something of myself because i purchased a piece of furniture that did not have to be put together with an allen wrench. and now, i've outgrown it. i wish there was another place for it in our condo, but nope. there isn't. so as soon as the new dresser comes (i haven't started looking yet), this little guy will be up on craigslist and hopefully will find a nice, new home. *sniff*

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