November 30, 2006

holiday scramble

it's after midnight! the holiday scramble contest officially starts today! karen from kstyle and i have teamed up to create a twelve days of christmas holiday contest we hope you will enjoy. yay! here's how it works ...

starting today and running through december 12, we'll each be posting a single letter on our sites ... two letters each day ... for a grand total of 24. at the end of the 12 days, unscramble them to reveal a holiday phrase. the first person to correctly unscramble the phrase and email karen will win an original pair of her hand-crafted lampwork christmas ball earrings. the first person to unscramble the phrase and email holly will win an original holiday bumbleknees print signed by holly. you must wait to email your guesses until after all the letters have been revealed.

check back soon for the first letter!

the prizes (not to scale). ©hollyallen2006


Erin T said...

Holly, your bumbleknees are so cute - have you thought about an etsy store or making some to sell at a craft fair? I'm sure they would be wildly successful!
I checked out the outdoor market at Atlantic Station last weekend. We got there close to closing time but managed to see most of the tents. My favorites were some handcrafted wooden bowls and yummy homemade jams. At 7:00 PM they had "Snowing in the Station" around the big Christmas tree. Everybody was standing there wondering what would happen and at 7:00 some weird foam started shooting out of the lampposts! We moved out of the way quickly but I'm sure the parents had fun trying to clean up their children's clothes later!

A Novelist said...

What a fun idea! :)

holly said...

hi erin t! i have been thinking about opening an etsy shop or going the craft fair route. a lot actually. stay tuned!