November 28, 2006

llama rescue

i mentioned long ago that my parents are moving. it's the longest move ever. their old house sold in just two weeks and now they're living in an apartment until their new house is ready, which will be around march. because they have the time, my parents have really done a great job of clearing out a lot of stuff. i rescued this little guy from the toss/goodwill/yard sale pile. i can't remember a life before he existed. he used to live in the middle of a square coffee table with some other clay managerie members ... i remember him being friends with a sheep. anyway, he now lives here with us. happy day!


suburban prep said...

My parents are getting ready to tear down their three story home. (I am the oldest of 7). They have owned this house for 30 yrs. The reason for the tear down is the foundation fell a few years ago and it was considered unliveable. It has taken them so long for it to come down for a number of reasons-- they thought they might be able to re-hab but it would cost way too much money, then my mother had two surgeries, one sister got married and then she had two babies within a year, another sister was recovering from cancer and I have dvt. Now the sister with the two little ones will be purchasing the land and rebuilding with her husband.
So my parents have moved into a small two bedroom condo. It is an emotional time for them but in a sense we have all known it would come to this.

holly said...

wow. that's so much for one family to handle. sounds like you've all pulled together though. if your parents need any tips on living in a small two bedroom condo, i'm full of them. i wish you all the best.