November 29, 2006

o plus d equals fabulous

i saw these o plus d cards on design*sponge last night and promptly ordered a few for myself. (they are a bit naughty, so i'm posting the pictures after the words in case you have little children in the room and need to ask them to leave.) there is something very pleasing about bad words written in script and surrounded by beautiful filigree. i love a card with a sense of humor. i'm planning to frame both of these and will hang the top one over the "chair" in the master bathroom. the bottom one will perch just above the mirror in our bedroom. so f*ing funny!


images from o plus d.


carole said...

these are so darn funny- thanks for letting us know about them! I am ordering.

hiphostess said...

hilarious! I'm about to go order some of these myself :)

Beth said...

I love these! Your locations for them are inspired!! ;)