December 18, 2006

an early christmas

since tripper and i will be heading to south georgia for christmas this year, my parents came to town over the weekend to celebrate a little early. and with them, they brought the best presents! my favorite present was this ...

it's a chandelier! for the closet! i was talking with my mum a while back about how i wished i could have a chandelier in the closet. our closet is by no means big, but you can walk into it and i just thought it would be funny. well ... i got my wish! my parents ordered this beautiful crystal chandelier just for me. and tripper. all the baubles came wrapped in foam and it took them about three hours to put it all together. that photo in the bottom right is the genius way my dad got it over to my house. it's hanging from a dowel into the center of a very large box. brilliant! anyway, it was too dark to put it up after we opened it, so dad is coming back over when we get back from our trip to hang it. i'll be sure to post more pictures then.

here are some more highlights ...

presents under the tree.

an ashtray for my fake cigarette.

a magnet to go on ed's food container so people don't mistake it for the trash anymore.

canine cologne so ed no longer smells like fritos.

my family. love y'all!

and what isn't pictured? polka dotted steak knives (so cute!), spiffy new ornaments, a leather game cube shaped like dice, cuff links, a tie and the now infamous leopard print skirt for tripper ... from the men's department! maybe more photos will be coming soon.

thanks muchly, mum and dad! love you both so much! you, too, tripper!


Jenny said...

I can't wait to see your closet with that chandalier hanging in it!

pinkmohair said...

WOW, your momma has some sweet taste. I've not seen a chandelier like that and the closet idea is ingenious. We must see photos of the polka dot steak knives at some point as well as the chandelier when it is hung.

Kit said...

I am sooooo jealous!!! You received some WONDERFUL gifts.

I can not wait to come over and see the new chandelier.

kstyle said...

I love the doggy cologne. Now I just need the doggy to go with it. k

decor8 said...

Love your photos!! So nice!!
How is everything going anyway?

How is your job at Slate?

holly said...

pinkmohair ... yes, my mum does! i'll post pictures of the polka dotted knives when i take some as well as the chandy, too. kit ... yay! i know! karen ... the doggy cologne smells soooo good. holly ... thanks! things are going great. the job is fantastic. i really, really do like it. how are you? happy to be back home?

cruststation said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous chandelier. Love all your beautiful wrapped gifts under the tree, black and white wrapping is so posh and elegant. Looks like you received some great stuff, happy holidays!

My Marrakech said...

Wowza. A chandelier for the closet! I just want one for my bedroom1

Love the wrapping paper - so beautiful