December 7, 2006

holiday scramble: day 7

... and anthropologie thursday combined! oh, snap!

the spelling bee fabric letters from, you guessed it, anthropologie, are just about the cutest letters around, especially the "o" (which is today's letter). stitched and stuffed in a variety of colorful patterns, a to z and ampersand teach spelling or brighten shelves.

don't forget to stop by kstyle for letter number two.

ps ... below is a photo of my true anthropologie thursday pick this week. it's the ink flourish clock and it is gorgeous! behind a white-washed wood frame, quill-like hands count blotted hours. i figured since the photo is at the bottom, it'll be close enough to the intermission not to mess up my holiday scramble posts. yay! i'm realizing now i should have posted this on the fifth day, seeing that it shows a 5 and all, but it wasn't a thursday and i didn't think of it and better late than never, right?



cruststation said...

You have a great contest over here, thanks for sharing this gorgeous Anthropologie find.

Pinkmohair said...

I thought the spelling bee letter was a toilet seat at first. I was quite excited because it would be a gorgeous acquisition. Now, there's a good design idea!

holly said...

lol. that is a great idea. funny.