January 15, 2007

m-i-c, see you real soon

tripper and i are headed to disney world for a little fun with his family. we'll be back late sunday, so i'll see you then or monday the latest. in the meantime, draw mickey once in your life. confused? click here. have a great week!

image from animation art gallery (yup, you can buy it!).


kstyle said...

Well that sounds like fun. And it'sprobably pretty warm too. 17 degrees here in Ashland. Way to cold for me. Have a great time. k

Jessica Nell said...

how fun!!! don't forget to go on the rockin' roller coaster!

ALL THE BEST said...

Have a great time and hopefully a little sunshine to too.

Galler|b said...

What? We're going to Disney World? When did we plan that? - Tripper