January 5, 2007

motion picture frame

how cool is this? my dad brought over a motion picture frame for tripper and me. it's so modern and sleek, like a plasma tv. plus, you can plug your memory stick right in and voila! instant slide show. these pictures are from a series of tripper we call "no chips." as you can see, he's very excited to be going to chipotle.

(click here to replay the motion.)


slc said...

That frame is so cool!
Do you know if it is available to purchase online? That would make a great belated-holiday gift for my boss who has EVERYTHING.
(BTW - found your blog via the Preppy Princess)

holly said...

i'm glad you found me! i did a quick google search and found one right here. it actually comes with two frames ... one, the clear acrylic that i'm using, and two, a black one that looks more like a traditional frame. neat!