January 22, 2007


while i was on vacation, i was tagged by pink mohair. i've never been tagged before, so i'm pretty excited! i'm supposed to list the top six reasons why i'm weird. only six? ha! here goes ...
  1. when the mood strikes, i like to climb onto the back of the couch and pretend i'm a great gymnast on the balance beam. this once ended in a rather painful drop, split-style, with one leg on the floor, one on the cushions and the hard back of the couch in between. ouch! i still do it anyway.

  2. if i'm swimming under water, i have to hum.

  3. my bra and panties have to match each other, but not the outfit i'm wearing.

  4. i am very superstitious. i will not walk under ladders, look in broken mirrors, step on cracks, turn the calendar early or put new shoes on the table. i will always say bread and butter when an inanimate object comes between me and a loved one, lift my feet over railroad tracks, make a wish on an eyelash, cross my fingers for luck and wear dirty socks (if lucky ones) to soccer or tennis. black cats and the number 13 do not bother me, however.

  5. i like to write "i heart tripper" in the steam on the shower door. in cursive.

  6. i secretly love the sounds of eddie crunching on baby carrots, the noise a leather coat makes on leather car seats and tripper's laugh.

yay! that was fun. now i'm supposed to pass it on to three others. i'm tagging beth, karen and natalie.


holly said...

whoops! i see karen's already been tagged. good stuff karen!!

kstyle said...

Hey Holly,

So glad you had a great time in Disneyworld. Haven't been there yet but would love to take waterboy someday.. And love your weirdness. You're going to have some fun catching up on everyone's. Lot's of really good weirdness running rampant all over the design blogoshere today. Glas your back. k

holly said...

thanks, karen! you really should take waterboy to disney world. he'd have a blast at the two water parks ... blizzard beach and i forget the name of the other one ... plus the photo taking opportunities are endless!

ps ... had fun reading your weirdness! i liked that tag!

** Terramia ** said...

Great weirdness! Love it! (: