February 26, 2007

portrait of the woman next door

i am in love with this margaux williamson painting, portrait of the woman next door. tripper thinks it's a bit too feminine for our small space. i'll give him that, after all he lives here, too. but if our place was bigger, and i had a spare $5,000, well, it would be mine! portrait is part of the new exhibit, the cement garden, currently at the marvelli gallery in the art district of chelsea in new york. if you're up that way from now until the 24th of march, march on in and check it out. and if you buy it, please send me pictures! i'll be keeping my eye on margaux. hopefully she'll do something smaller and in my budget.

image courtesy of the marvelli gallery.


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE this! If I ever get a little office of my own, I hope I can find this somewhere! (Larry agrees with Tripper, sadly.)

mohairpink said...

It's wonderful, but the same problemo applies.

Jane said...

You know, if the dog in the painting had been a Lab instead of a Westie, Tripper would have SO been on board!