March 22, 2007

anthropologie thursday

i like the idea of drinking hot tea from these beautiful butterfly teacups on a sunny but crisp morning while wearing white linen pants and standing out on my breezy veranda. since i don't have a breezy veranda—or white linen pants for that matter—i'll have to make do with hot tea on small balcony in pjs. still sounds good to me! butterfly study mugsan ethereal design of butterflies swarms a flowering branch. lovely.

image from anthropologie.


Lindsey said...

I love these. I gave them to my mom for Christmas. She is an obsessive tea drinker. :)

Tara said...

Hi Holly! I love your blog. I'm in Georgia too (Columbus area) so I'd love to hear about great thrifting/vintage type shops between here and Atlanta if you know of any.

Feel free to drop by my blog when you get a chance!