March 13, 2007

lamp post

on saturday morning i got up at the crack of dawn to meet my friend karen at a charity sale benefitting the atlanta hospital hospitality house (aaah). i would have told you all about it beforehand, but she called me late friday night to invite me along. definitely keep an eye out for the next one, it was awesome!! here's how it works: each year, the crate & barrel at lenox donates a bunch of last-year's items to the charity. what the charity can't use, they sell to the public for a song. i bought a few things, but my favorite by far is this lamp (see alternate view). it's called the roslyn and is still for sale at the store, just not in this color—a lovely pale blush pink. so, guess how much i paid. if you said $35, you are right on the money!

thank you crate & barrel. thank you aaah. and thank you karen for inviting me along!

1 comment:

Anne said...

You can still get this in the crate& barrel online outlet, in case you were wanting a matching one, but it will run you $100.

nice post! :) and awesome find!