April 5, 2007

anthropologie thursday

now this lampshade really is the life of the party! the flavia ceramic lamp in selva is sure to liven up any space. functional art handmade by renowned brazilian ceramicist flavia del pra. delicate wildflowers multiply on a pale green base, wound with a silver medallion and canopied with a bold shade. i like the idea of this in a very simple and mostly white setting. pop!

image from anthropologie.


mags said...

holly, love your site and style!

Jill said...

I stumbled onto your site and I must say it's fab! So many great ideas! I need your help on something....i have found a china place setting that is so "me"! I'm in love the with color lime green.....the problem is, I stumbled on it and it's at a rental place in San Francisco...and I'm in Montgomery, AL. I called them - they won't sell the set of China...only rent it for 67cents a piece...so I so considered "renting" it and not returning it, just paying for it outright - but they won't ship it to Alabama...and they won't even tell me who makes it so I can go to the source! I know it sounds crazy, but I'm dying to get my hands on that china...any ideas on who could tellm who makes it etc.? Here's a link to it....any ideas would be great! Thanks!