April 23, 2007

who's the fairest?

so, if you've been following along, you know that this week is moving week for my parents. in honor of the big event, i've decided to devote this week's posts to things i think my mum would either really like—or be surprised by—for their new place. first up? these gorgeous reflection wall mirrors from z gallerie. they're so liquid, i just love them. following my mum's sage advice, you should never purchase a piece without being able to envision it in two places in your home. with the mirror, i either like three of them lined up vertically going down the entry hall from the front door. or i like one hung horizontally over the fabulous loveseat they've yet to find in the study. i think it could be a great anchor piece for a collection of mirrors stacked up in an artsy way.

image from from z gallerie.


love.boxes said...

That is actually very good advice. Love the mirrors. They would be lovely opposite any window to double the light I think!

mohairpink said...

Ha - I posted this for my dining room. They're amazing and I love her advice!