May 17, 2007

anthroplogie thursday

knock. knock.

i love the brushed silver doorknobs already in our condo, but if i'm ever in the mood to make a change, i know exactly what i'm gonna do. look at these gorgeous clear glass globe doorknobs at our favorite anthropologie! can't you just feel the cool, smooth goodness on your hand? they just beg for you to c'mon in! light bounces off clear spheres of glass, catching the attention of all who enter your world.

image from anthropologie.

1 comment:

KJ said...

Number of times I've actually, out loud, uttered, "Oh, my goodness, MUST HAVE!" while perusing your blog: Five.

AND I've only been reading for four minutes or so.

You have incredible taste, and I especially must have these doorknobs someday, and I'm seriously headed over to Amazon to add the book mentioned in the next post to my wishlist.