May 14, 2007

bumble boys

i made these bumble boys playing soccer for my dear friend cristi's baby shower gift and she liked them! she really, really liked them! yay!

i usually make girls—my bumbleknees, which you've all seen now a million times. boys were much more of a challenge! i knew i wanted to make her three to hang in the nursery, but i wasn't sure what to make. i thought about a soccer player (her husband is an awesome soccer player and they both love the sport), a baseball player and a football player. but then i got the idea to just make a soccer team instead. there are hidden messages in the pictures, so they have to be hung in a certain order. anyway, i think they turned out super fun and they matched the baby bedding spot on!

i forgot to take pictures of the final product—framed in high gloss white with light khaki mats—so next time i'm over at cristi's, i'll take pictures for sure!


images © holly allen 2007. all rights reserved.


kstyle said...

Sooo cute. As the mother of three sons always so frustrated because their was never enough cute boy stuff. Awesome. k

Baby Boy Chentnik said...

I LOVE them. They are perfect!

I will take pictures too and send them along...

Thanks again!

casapinka said...

I agree with Kstyle. These look great and I just adore how you eschewed the typical baseball, football etc. and just did soccer. That is a seriously LUCKY mom.

Jenmomof4 said...

Those are so cute!! I have a 12 year old daughter who loves soccer and how cute would that be in her room!!