May 22, 2007

holy cow!

ok. not really holy cow. holy "wow" is more like it! i got the nicest email this morning from a total stranger in little rock. she started off by saying that she'd been enjoying the "surprises" of her yard during this, the first spring in her new home. she said the daffodils and peonies were nice surprises, as were the roses and azaleas. but the biggest surprise came when she was digging near the porch to plant some ferns. she unearthed a plastic statue—of jesus! later that night she did some googling. her search lead her down lots of paths, but one brought her to holly's plate. she wrote because she thought i'd like to know that somehow my site is connected to "holy" stuff. i'm so glad she did! i'm a true believer in signs and i liked her story very much. today, i'm feeling rather special :)

ps—i have a hunch the statue she found is actually one of st. joseph. tradition has it that if you bury him upside down, facing the house with his feet up toward the heavens he will help you sell it.

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mohairpink said...

I recently read that about the St. Joseph statues. Well, it's a great story anyway.