May 23, 2007

rosemary time

in an effort to spruce up the balcony, i decided to go get some plants. i headed over to pike nursery and picked out two rosemary bushes—for the scent and for the heartiness (or is it hardiness? whatever.). i also found two pots that look a lot like the finish on our balcony. a little digging in dirt and voila! i have to say, i'm totally pleased with the results. it makes our tiny outdoor space feel like another room! i think i may get one more for the other side as well. add in a few fun throw pillows and i'll think we'll be set! i just need to make sure they are anchored so they don't blow away. it gets pretty breezy up this high!

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At Home with kim vallee said...

You will see rosemary is easy to take care since it is drought tolerant.